Joist Panels

Our between joist insulation panels are designed to be fitted flush between joists set at 400mm spacing. With a profile of 50mm, length of 1200mm high and manufactured from density 200 kPa EPS and faced with 200 microns of aluminium for rapid response. Using our fixing brackets will allow for a simple and fast install.

Available with pre-formed 150mm or 200mm pipe spacing depending on performance required.

Easily cut to suit the length required, suitable for new build, renovations and refurbishments.

If you’re looking for a between joist solution to install underfloor heating, we’ve got you covered. Find exactly what you need for your Joist underfloor heating needs here at Wundatrade and make the installation process faster and easier.

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Joist EPS Main Panel

From: £7.43 Inc. VAT

£6.19 Exc. VAT

Joist EPS End Panel

From: £6.83 Inc. VAT

£5.69 Exc. VAT