Spreader Plates

Premium ufh aluminium spreader plates with an omega shape pipe channel securely hold your 15mm or 16mm floor heating pipes in place between the joists and ideal for new build, renovations and refurbishments.

Made of high-grade, thick aluminium our underfloor heating plates are simple to fix using nails, screws or staples, and have pre-formed omega shaped channels to hold the pipe in place. All have pre-scored snap-off lines which allow the spreader to be quickly adjusted to length.

Available in a variety of widths to suit 400mm or 600mm joist spacings, all of which are suitable for standard 15mm/16mm pipes and lightweight, aluminium spreader plates are the simple, quick to install solution for between joist floor heating. Available in single, box, 1/2 pallet and full pallet quantities.

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