Our Single loop pumpset has all pipe work connections below resulting in a very neat solution, with a 3kW output mixer and independent pump. Complete with ½” isolation valves for easy connection to heating pipe work. Kits are supplied with 20mm Overfloor boards in either 400 kPa which are approved for tiling directly onto or 200 kPa for Carpet, Vinyl, Laminate & wood. All kits use high output 16mm floor heating pipe.

The choice of pipe length will determine the area covered with a maximum pipe length of 120 linear metres covering 18m².

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(RTL) kPa 400 Single Room Overfloor Kit up to 15m²

£449.40 Inc. VAT

£374.50 Exc. VAT

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18m² Overfloor Kit, 100 kPa Requires use with Backer Board

From: £258.00 Inc. VAT

£215.00 Exc. VAT

18m² Overfloor Kit, 200 kPa for Carpet, Laminate & Wood

From: £270.00 Inc. VAT

£225.00 Exc. VAT

18m² Overfloor Kit, 400 kPa for Tiling, Marble & Stone

From: £282.00 Inc. VAT

£235.00 Exc. VAT