Single Loop RTL Kit – Screed

Complete single room underfloor heating screed kit including 16mm Pert/Al/Pert Pipe, Wunda Return Temperature Limiting (RTL) valve assembly & recessed enclosure designed to be fed by 15mm radiator heating circuit. (max 1 per system)

This kit will cover up to 15m² MAXIMUM.

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Single Room (RTL Valve) Screed Underfloor Kit - Up to a MAXIMUM of 15m²

Wunda RTL (Return temperature limiting valve) is designed to be fed by 15mm existing radiator circuit, ideal as a direct replacement of an existing radiator. Only 1 RTL can be installed per heating system. RTL Housing measures 156mm W x 196mm H x 60mm D. Each kit is designed to cover up to its maximum M² area using Wunda Pert/Al/Pert pipe at 150mm spacing. This kit comes complete with Wunda's Return Temperature Limiting (RTL) valve assembly and recessed enclosure. All kits feature 16mm Pert/al/Pert  pipe which contains an Aluminium barrier, preventing oxygen diffusion through the pipe walls.

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M10 - RTL 15m² Single Room Kit
Kit Area Coverage15sqm RTL Screed Kit, 12sqm RTL Screed Kit, 6sqm RTL Screed Kit

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