Ultimate S2 flexible tile adhesive formulated with FibreBond technology designed for use with floor heating. Coverage +/- 4m² per 20kg bag at 3mm depth with back-buttering.

Tried tested & approved by ULTRA for tiling Ceramics, Slate, Quarries, Porcelain & Limestone directly onto Wunda 400kPa & Chipboard Overfloor boards when primed with Prime IT.

Available in grey (or white + £1.00 exc VAT).

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PROFLEX S2 DATASHEET PROFLEX S2 WHITE - SAFETY DATASHEET PROFLEX S2 GREY - SAFETY DATASHEET PROFLEX & ULTIMATE FLEX - INSTALLATION GUIDE The aluminium surface of Wunda EPS & Chipboard Overfloor heating boards must be primed with Prime IT prior to tiling with ULTRA PROFLEX S2 tile adhesive. ULTRA PROFLEX S2  is a highly polymer modified single part S2 flexible tile adhesive designed for use with Underfloor heating and where slight movement can occur such as when tiling onto wooden floors. If the substrate is prepared correctly  ULTRA PROFLEX S2 can be used onto many types of wooden flooring such as:
  • Floating floors
  • Ply
  • Floorboards (tongue and groove)
Hardboard is not a suitable base for tiling. ULTRA PROFLEX S2 is suitable for use on floors with underfloor heating and other surfaces. The product sets in 40 minutes and can accept light foot traffic in 2 hours at 20ºC. Use to fix most floor and wall tiles including ceramics, slate, quarries, porcelain, limestone and mosaics to a variety of surfaces without an admix. When set, the adhesive is water resistant and suitable for external use. Flexible fibre reinforced tile adhesive for fixing internal and external wall and floor tiles.
  • Approved for use directly onto Wunda EPS & Chipboard Overfloor Boards
  • Formulated with FibreBond technology
  • Ultimate S2 flexibility
  • Colours available: Grey or White
  • Conforms to BS EN 12004 and 12002 C2FS2
  • Pot life 60 minutes
  • Grout after 3.5 hours
  • Applications 3mm – 20mm
  • Underfloor heating compatible
  • Suitable for overboarded wooden floors
  • High adhesive strength
  • 20kg:4.0L mixing ratio
  • Suitable for porcelain
  • 20kg
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