Wet Room Thermostat Combo

Wet room electronic thermostat combo complete with air probe and cover.

Product Information

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E08 - WIRED THERMOSTATS Wunda's electronic wet room thermostat is a mains voltage thermostat complete with a 3 metre probe that provides automatic temperature control for heating applications in a wet room environment. The accuracy of the thermostat and probe will improve system efficiency and reduce running costs, with an easy to use dial and simple operation. The thermostat should be located where it would not be subject to heat gain/loss (such as above radiators, direct sunlight or in draughts). Can be surface mounted or recessed (using a suitable surface or pattress box). Combo includes:-
  • 3m probe
  • Probe cover (80mm x 80mm x 20mm, surface mounted)
Guaranteed for5 Years
Operating Voltage230V (3A)

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