Castellated Panel Underfloor Kit up to 26m²

This system is independently pumped and is suitable for use with a variety of pipe spacing/outputs.

Includes Wunda’s Castellated Panel for quick & easy pipe laying.

Designed for use with ONE single loop of pipe up to a maximum of 120 linear metres.

This kit can cover up to 26m² using 250mm pipe spacing – see OUTPUT table below.

Product Information

Single Loop Pumped Screed/Castellated Panel Underfloor Kit - Up to a MAXIMUM of 26m²

  Each kit is designed to cover up to its maximum M² area using Wunda Pert/Al/Pert pipe. Because the kit is pumped it can cope with a variety of pipe spacings.   This kit comes complete with a 3 Kw Single Loop Wilo Pump, with an option for a Grundfos pump for £12 extra (£10+VAT). All kits feature 16mm Pert/al/Pert  pipe which contains an Aluminium barrier, preventing oxygen diffusion through the pipe walls.
Kit Area Coverage15sqm RTL Screed Kit, 12sqm RTL Screed Kit, 6sqm RTL Screed Kit
Pipe Length (Metres)50m, 80m, 100m, 120m
Pump IncludedWilo ErP (+£0), Grundfos EuP (+£10)

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