Joist EPS Main Panel

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Premium 1200 x 50x 350mm – 200kPa between joist insulation panel with fitted with 200 microns of aluminium for 400mm joist spacings.

Available in two sizes: 200mm pipe spacing (2 pre-formed channels), or 150mm pipe spacing (3 pre-formed channels).




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F10 - BETWEEN JOIST INSULATION PANELS This system utilises a combination of our 50mm, 200 kPa insulation with main panels laminated with thick 200 microns of aluminium for rapid response, and plain end return panels. This panel is suitable for New Build, Renovations or Extensions and eliminates the need to purchase extra insulation and spreader plates. Simple to fit using panel support brackets (purchased separately) and easy to cut using a fine toothed saw. END RETURNS ARE AVAILABLE SEPARATELY. ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH PIPE SPACING SET AT 200mm. Main panels are laminated with thick 200 microns of aluminium and pipes set at 200mm spacing, End returns are left bare and purchased as a separate panel which incorporates the end return and transitional runs. They are lightweight, easy to lay and can be installed quickly.
  • Main Panels laminated with thick 200 microns of aluminium (end panels plain)
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Available in two sizes: 2 pre-formed channels at 200mm pipe spacing, or 3 pre-formed channels at 150mm pipe spacing
  • Separate End Panel (splits into FOUR) with returns and transitional channels - 200mm pipe spacing only
  • Easy to cut to desired shape
  • Lightweight 200 kPa high density polystyrene
  • Eliminates the moisture, weight, mess and lengthy drying times of screed
  • Suitable for all 15mm and 16mm floor heating pipes
  • EN 13501
In order to install between joist panels between existing joists, original floorboards will need to be removed, after fitting between joist panels, boards can be reused or replaced. Once joists have been exposed and inspected, use our panel support brackets to install panels flush with joist top. Alternatively wooden battens are fixed to both sides of each joist in order to take an 18mm ply board. The 18mm ply should be set 51mm from the top of the joists. This board serves two purposes; to hold the 50mm profile heating panel in place and to act as a supporting floor for the installer. The ply and battens can be set lower on ground floor installations to accommodate further insulation. The high density 200 kPa polystyrene panels are easily trimmed where required and then placed within the 400mm spaced joists so that the aluminium spreader plates are level with the top of the joists. Floor heating pipe is then inserted into the omega shaped channels in the aluminium spreader plate. If permissible notching the end of each joist will allow the floor heating pipe to pass between joists. If notching is not allowed then an 18mm batten can be attached to the top of the joist which is run short at one end to allow pipe to pass between joists. Joist panel supporting battens will need to be raised accordingly.    
Aluminium thickness200 Microns
MaterialEPS 200
Pipe Spacing150mm or 200mm
Thermal Resistance[(m2*K)/W]:1, 515
pa_single-bulk1128, 1264, 1134, 1118
pa_pipe-spacing1398, 1397
Thermal Conductivity[W/(m*K)]:0, 033

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