Plastic Pipe Tray

Strong lightweight plastic pipe trays are quick and easy to lay, allowing quick installation of underfloor heating pipe.

Product Information

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F07 - PIPE TRAY SYSTEM Easily cut to the correct size and shape, our plastic pipe trays greatly reduce installation time of underfloor heating pipe. Suitable for all types of floor heating pipe from 14-20mm installed over insulation prior to screed being poured. For optimum system performance, edge the trays with perimeter strip insulation. Suitable for use with:-
  • Traditional Screed
  • Pumped Screed
  • Dry Sand & Cement mix
  • Chemical Screed
  • Concrete
Other features include:-
  • Recycled high impact material
  • Easy to fit
  • Minimum waste
  • Non-hydroscopic
  • Preformed PS sheeting, 1mm think with castellations
    • Two preformed over-lap flaps with hollow castellations
  • Suitable for pipe 14mm-20mm
  • Holds pipe securely in place whilst final concrete or screed is applied

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