WundaSmart HubSwitch

Wirelessly connected to a home’s WiFi router, it is both a hub for all WundaSmart devices and a configurable 4 channel switch. Set up using the free WundaSmart app available on Google Play or App Store. Support ‘How to Videos’ walk you through the process of installation.


  • Compatible with British Common Back Plate.
  • Configurable 4 channel Programmer.
  • Hot Water Control.
  • Alexa and Google Home Compatible.
  • Configurable Boost Buttons.
  • User data is stored locally in the hub, not in the cloud.


WundaSmart HubSwitch Factsheets

Product Information

WundaSmart uses a unique RF signal that seeks the other devices in your WundaSmart network over great distances to ensure devices remain connected. You won't need any repeaters or boosters, even if there are WiFi blind spots in a home. It's that simple.

Control up to 30 thermostats and 50 radiator heads per system for or up to 30 different rooms or zones.

Comes with 5-year guarantee!

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