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Wunda Smart Range

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Thanks to Cutting Edge RF Technology, WundaSmart’s Radio Frequency can overcome any obstacle in any property. With no repeaters necessary

Designed for easy installation and set up. WundaSmart achieves unbeatable performance

Works with Radiators & Underfloor Heating

or any combination of both




Radiator Systems: Every radiator is fitted with a battery-powered WundaSmart Radiator Head that pairs it to a zone. Now you can control the comfort in that zone perfectly


Underfloor Heating Systems: By installing a mains powered WundaSmart RF wiring centre, each zone of your underfloor heating manifold can be controlled individually completely remotely using the WundaSmart app or thermostats



Seeker Signal Technology

WundaSmart products adopt the latest RF technology ensuring signal is covered throughout your whole home. you won't need repeaters!

Secure & Snoop Free

User data is not stored in the cloud! It’s locked in your hub and cannot be harvested and sold for marketing.

Remote Access from Anywhere in the World

Log in using your smartphone and control your home wherever you are.

Controls up to 30 rooms per HubSwitch…

More rooms? Simply add HubSwitches


The government wants zone controls fitted in every home to save fuel & reduce co2 emissions


Wunda Smart Tablet

Zone any type of property & control the temperature of each individual room

For this, you need a thermostat to control every enclosed room/space – plus an electronic radiator head or an underfloor heating actuator to regulate the temperature, and if the Internet connection goes down, don’t worry our App and RF devices will carry on working perfectly within the property.


Compatible with:

“Alexa, turn the heating on in the Kitchen”

Compatible with Amazon Alexa

“Hey Google, Boost the hot water”

Compatible with Google home

Server fees

To access Global connection, Geo location, Amazon Alexa & Google home server fees have to be paid

Subscriptions options

For 6 users just £2.50 per month (£30 a year) - or take advantage of our super deal 5 year 1 payment of £99

We don't pass on your data

It's kept private, locked in your Hub - Snoop free!

Military grade RF creates a strong network


Wunda Smart Range

No need for repeaters or signal boosters

What if the internet goes down?


Wunda Smart Range

No problem – the RF network just keeps on working

WundaSmart Is future proofed with Opentherm


Wunda Smart RangeWunda Smart Range


Will work with all current & future heat sources


Our support is 24/7

To get access to product information and downloads check out our resource library

Tim howlett

“I use Wunda all the time, very competitive and always spot on regarding delivery’s. Even through 2020 pandemic they have not missed a beat. Customer service is 2nd to none I can’t recommend Wunda trade enough. ”

Hannah Fullilove

“I don’t usually write reviews but this company were so helpful! I moved into a new house and had one room with a faulty thermostat. I had no idea about underfloor heating and thought I’d be dismissed as I wasn’t a trade customer. But I was so wrong, they were so helpful and then I phoned when I received my new thermostat and got spoken through the whole process to install. Amazing service! Thank you ”


“The team at Wunda were excellent...No automated call filters where you can spend an eternity on hold or being passed around . Straight through to customer service team who were incredibly patient and diligent in dealing with my issue remotely. Special mention to Jim who got me operational and was excellent ”

Rob Schwab

“Having done quite a bit of online research, I chose Wundatrade. I'm glad I did. The technical support is excellent, the folks are really knowledgeable and helpful. The products are really good quality and the prices are just about the lowest I've found. Thank you for your help Wundatrade. ”