LoRa Technology

Wunda Smart products adopt the latest LoRa technology ensuring signal is covered throughout your whole home

Remote Access from anywhere in the world

On holiday and forgot to change your heating schedule? Not a problem, log in using your smart phone and control your home wherever your are.

Multi-room Control

Control the temperature in each room of your home, with our smart heating system.

Multi user functionality

Create multiple users on one account

Simple & easy set-up with app

We've developed an easy intuitive system

48 hour live reports

Stay up to date with your homes energy usage with our 48 hour live reports. Check for updates where ever you are.


Room to room control

Wunda smart provides more control than any other system on the market. Not only giving you complete room by room control, but also giving you accurate readings at all times. You want a cool kitchen and a cosy living room, no problem!

Control your home with your phone

Download our FREE mobile app from the App store or Play store and effortlessly sync with all the Wunda Smart products in your home, Giving you total control anywhere in the world and complete ease when at home. Simple.


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