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EPS 200 20mm Overfloor Board. Suitable for Laminate & Wood.

Available with four Heat Emitter options:-

  • 200 Micron Rapid Response® from £6.99 each
  • 100 Micron from £5.99 each
  • 50 Micron from £4.99 each
  • Plain from £3.99 each

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Heat Emitter
200 Micron - Rapid Response®
100 Micron
50 Micron
Single / Bulk
Bulk x 84 @ £4.49 each
Bulk x 84 @ £5.49 each
Bulk x 84 @ £6.49 each
Bulk x 84 @ £7.49 each
Bulk x 168 @ £3.99 each
Bulk x 168 @ £4.99 each
Bulk x 168 @ £5.99 each
Bulk x 168 @ £6.99 each
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Beware when comparing Overfloor boards - although they may all look similar that is where the comparison ends. Our competitors supply EPS100 or EPS150 which is a soft packing grade material.

20mm boards use High Output 16mm pipe.

Suitable for Laminate, Wood, Carpet*, Vinyl*.

Wunda's low profile EPS 200 Overfloor boards are 200KPA compressive strength boards.

Available with a choice of four Heat Emitter options: Plain, 50 Micron, 100 Micron and Rapid Response® 200 Micron.

200 microns will give optimum Rapid Response® system performance, aluminium any thicker than 200 microns offers no performance gain and system performance will plateaux.

Wunda's EPS 200 overfloor boards are lightweight, easy to fit and designed to be fitted over any existing or new floor. No specialist tools are required, they can be simply cut to shape using a fine toothed saw or craft knife.

Quick to install using Wunda Spray contact adhesive ready for use straight away.

  • EPS 200 - 200KPA
  • 20mm board for 16mm pipe; also available in 16mm size
  • Available as Plain, 50 Micron, 100 Micron and 200 Micron Rapid Response®
  • Easy to cut to shape with basic tools
  • Eliminates the moisture, weight, mess and lengthy drying times of a screed Underfloor system

Laminate and engineered wood can be laid directly on top.
*If you wish to carpet or lay vinyl a suitable backer board or ply deck will need to be laid/fixed on the Overfloor boards.

Recommended maximum linear loop length of 100m.


Bulk Pricing

  • 200 Micron Rapid Response®
    • Bulk x 168 @ £6.99 each
    • Bulk x 84 @ £7.49 each
    • Single @ £7.99 each
  • 100 Micron
    • Bulk x 168 @ £5.99 each
    • Bulk x 84 @ £6.49 each
    • Single @ £6.99 each
  • 50 Micron
    • Bulk x 168 @ £4.99 each
    • Bulk x 84 @ £5.49 each
    • Single @ £5.99 each
  • Plain (No foil)
    • Bulk x 168 @ £3.99 each
    • Bulk x 84 @ £4.49 each
    • Single @ £4.99 each


Rapid Response® and maximum heat is only possible with 200 micron aluminium

Our EPS boards offer optimal heating performance

Aluminium thickness in micronsBoard heat up speed Heat output
Under Wood, Laminate or Engineered
Heat output
Under Carpet
200 Micron Super Fast   100w/m² 80w/m²
100 Micron Fast   60w/m² 55w/m²
50 Micron Slow   40w/m² 35w/m²

A micron is simply a measurement of thickness where 1000 microns is equal to 1mm.

200 Microns gives the best performance with Rapid Response® in all property types.
Suitable for all Refurbishments and Renovations

100 Microns is a medium foil covering offering good response in well insulated properties where rapid response is not required.

50 Microns is a thin foil covering giving slower performance and is only suitable for New Builds where rapid response is not required.

Plain boards with no foil are only suitable for brand new highly insulated properties.

Please note: Output and system performance is dependent on insulation standards and environmental conditions.


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Data sheet
  • Width: 600mm
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Weight: 1.0kg
  • Guaranteed for: LIFETIME
  • Length: 1200mm
  • Material: 200KPA Polystyrene
  • Pipe Spacing: 150mm
  • Maximum Pipe Loop Length: 100m

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