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Islanders Reverse their Environmental Misfortune28th January 2019

Kokota, Tanzania is home to 500 inhabitants measuring just one square kilometre, they adapted to their environment to survive, find out more…


Cold feet about Warm Water Floor Heating? – 22nd August 2018

Put any second-guesses and doubts to the side with Wunda, here’s why…

Why are your radiators robbing you? – 22nd August 2018

Heating costs, and your radiators are wasting that cost, find out why, and how to stop them on this link…

Why Wunda sells EPS 400; What is an EPS? And army tanks…. – 14th August 2018

What is an EPS? Why does it matter that there’s 400 of them? Is that even how EPS is counted? The answers to all these questions and more can be found through this link….

The Ins, Outs, Overs and Unders of Overfloor Heating – 22nd February, 2018

Everyone thinks they’re an expert these days, they have a quick google, and Robert’s your mothers brother, they think they’re an expert… Read More

 There’s No Finer Thing Than Fibre… -1st February, 2018

Wunda’s Acoustic Fibre Board brings the robust manufacturing and fast heat up times of their best selling EPS 400 over floor in to a whole new animal…. Read More