Wunda EPS Board Spray Adhesive

Rapid drying construction formulated adhesive to bond Wunda EPS Overfloor boards directly to existing or new floors.



Product Information

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T07 - WUNDA BOARD SPRAY ADHESIVE Suitable for use with Wunda's EPS Overfloor panels. Wunda panel spray adhesive is a high performance, panel bonding adhesive formulated specifically to bond our EPS Overfloor boards to a new or existing floor. Wunda spray has a fast drying formula that has excellent high coverage designed for bonding exterior grade substrates to insulated panels. This formula has excellent resistance when dealing with moisture and extreme weather exposure. If installing Wunda Overfloor panels directly onto an existing tiled/non-porous surface or existing floor boards, the surface will need cleaning first to remove any floor polish, contaminents or cleaning products (an alcohol based cleaner such as  methylated spirit is recommended). Both the cleaned floor and underside of the panel will need a coating of spray adhesive before bring to two surfaces together when tacky. If installing onto 'aged' existing floor boards both the underside of the panels and the floor boards will need a coat of spray adhesive. Older floor boards often curl at the edges causing highs and lows in the surface, coating both surfaces will create maximum surface contact for bonding. Always test an area for bonding before commencing full installation.

Please note: Follow all COSHH/health and safety guidlines when using any products, and it is recommended to test a small patch first to confirm compatibility.


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