Salus Actuator – Auto Balance & Energy Saving

5 year guarantee included

230V  2 wire Salus Auto Balancing & Energy Saving actuator with a power consumption of only 0.5W.

Simply fit the Auto Balancing Actuator and its microprocessor control will constantly adjust the delta T to 7°C between the flow and return. Correct circuit balance is assured without the need to balance the system. *Please note Heatmiser thermostats are Not compatible with our Auto balancing actuators.

Product Information

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Salus Auto Balancing Actuator Factsheet M07 - PREMIUM MANIFOLD


Each Actuator has two temperature sensors which are clipped onto the flow & return pipes (one on each) of the circuit to be controlled. The Auto Balancing Actuator will measure the temperature sensors and adjust the valve position to maintain a constant 7°C temperature differential between the emitter flow and return pipes.
  • Not compatible with Heatmiser thermostats
  • Very Low Power, less than 0.5W
  • Fast actuator opening and closing times typically 30 seconds
  • Performs the function of both the thermal actuator & the flow regulator, resulting in two functions in one unit
  • Quick to install - Fit & Forget
  • Reduced fuel bills, correctly temperature balanced rooms
  • Constant temperature, no more too hot or too cold rooms
  • Less user complaints, due to product installed correctly
  • Compatible with 16mm pipe

How the actuator worksHow It Works

The actuator has two remote sensors which are clipped onto the flow and return floor heating pipes from the manifold (16mm pipe only). These sensors are constantly monitored and the actuator will adjust the flow rate to maintain a Delta T of 7°C for the UFH circuit. With a very low power consumption of just 0.5W the Auto Balancing Actuator uses much less energy than conventional thermal actuators that typically use 2-3W or more. With a very fast opening and closing action of typically 30 seconds it is also much faster than conventional thermal actuators that can take 3 minutes or more to open or close. The Auto Balancing Actuator uses a high precision motor to adjust the valve pin very precisely and maintain an automatic balance for each UFH circuit.    
Guaranteed for5 Years
Power Consumption0.5W
SizeCompatible with 16mm pipe
Operating Voltage230V 50/60 Hz

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