Wundatherm Premium+ Small Area Underfloor Heating Kits – covers up to 36m²


This system is independently pumped and requires no manifold. The maximum length of pipe is 120 linear metres.

Includes 20mm low profile super strong 400 kPa Wundatherm Premium+ Overfloor Boards, factory fitted with 200 micron thick aluminium for Rapid Response® that heats in 20 minutes; suitable for all homes, new builds, or renovations.

This system can cover up to 36m² with 150mm pipe spacings, but is suitable for TWO loops of 50, 80, 100 or 120 metres of pipe.

Product Information

Wundatherm Premium+ covers up to a MAXIMUM of 36m²

  Each kit is designed to cover up to its maximum M² area using Wunda Pert/Al/Pert pipe. Perfect for all floor heating finishes; thanks to its superior strength Wundatherm Premium+ is strong enough to tile directly
This kit comes complete with either a 3 Kw Single Loop Wilo Pump, with an option of a Grundfos pump for £12 extra (£10+VAT). All kits feature 16mm Pert/al/Pert  pipe which contains an Aluminium barrier, preventing oxygen diffusion through the pipe walls.
Kit Area Coverage2 x 50m coils = 18m², 2 x 80m coils = 24m², 2 x 100m coils = 30m², 2 x 120m coils = 36m²
Pipe Length (Metres)2 x 50m (covers 18m²), 2 x 80m (covers 24m²), 2 x 100m (covers 30m²), 2 x 120m (covers 36m²)
Pump IncludedWilo ErP (+£0), Grundfos EuP (+£10)
Heat Emitter200 Microns for Rapid Response® in all homes

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