16mm PEXb-AL-HDPE Pipe

Wunda’s high quality, premium multi-layered 16mm PEXb-AL-HDPE floor heating pipe with full approvals.

Ideal for use in UNDERFLOOR screed systems.


Product Information

Crosslinked polyethylene PE-X internal layer, internal bonding layer, intermediate aluminium layer, external bonding layer, high density polyethylene HDPE external layer. We would not recommend using PEXb-AL-HDPE pipe in our Overfloor boards -due to being stiffer than PEXb-AL-HDPE . Our PER-AL-PERT is a more flexible pipe that has no 'spring-back', will hold it's shape on bends and will be a lot easier to install. Wunda's thermally dynamic 16mm PEXb-AL-HDPE pipe has an aluminium core that produces a higher heat output than ordinary Pex and Polybutylene pipe and is easy to use. PEXb-AL-HDPE pipe is stiffer than a PEXb-AL-HDPE pipe and is not suitable for use in Overfloor heating systems that require tight bends and close pipe spacing. It is easy to shape by hand and stays where it's put with minimal spring back. Our pipe is 100% oxygen tight and leak proof.
  • Ideal for screed floor heating systems not exceeding 65C
  • National Decleration of Conformity
  • Aluminium core
  • Higher output than plastic pipe
  • Leak proof pipe
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Very low expansion and contraction, just 5cm in 100 linear metres which is similar to copper (Ordinary plastic pipe has an expansion/contraction rate of approximately 50cm in 100 linear metres)
  • 100% oxygen tight (oxygen ingress can rot boilers) - ordinary pipe is normally only 80%
  • Easy to shape by hand- easy to fit, stays where it's put with minimal spring back
  • Detectable under the floor
  • AENOR certificated
  • DIN 4726
  • ISO 9001
Maximum operating temperature [°C] short term110
Outside Diameter [mm]16
Thickness of wall [mm]2.0
Coil Size80m, 100m, 120m, 250m, 500m
pa_single-bulk1786, 1794, 1793, 1792, 1791, 1790, 1789, 1788, 1787, 1785, 1118
Pipe Dimensions [mm]16 x 2.0
Water capacity of pipe [l/m]0.113
Maximum Pipe Loop Length100mtrs per loop
Thermal Conductivity [W/Mk]0.45
Guaranteed for10 Years
Short term maximum Pressure [bar]10 max
Absolute Roughness [mm]0.007
MaterialAluminium, HDPE & PEX
Inner Diameter [mm]12
Coefficient of thermal expansion [mm/Mk]0.025
Single / Half Pallet / Full PalletSingle, Half Pallet (x12), Full Pallet (x24), Half Pallet (x10), Full Pallet (x19), Half Pallet (x8), Full Pallet (x15), Half Pallet (x5), Full Pallet (x7), Half Pallet (x4), Full Pallet (x10)

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