Chipboard Overfloor Board

Lifetime guarantee included

17mm Chipboard overfloor boards suitable for use with 12mm pipe. Provides a floor heating solution that can support heavyweight tiles such as Natural Stone & Marble.

These boards are not suitable for use as structural flooring.

Main boards feature Rapid Response® 200micron thick aluminium. End/transitional boards are plain.

ULTRA TILE & MAPEI approved for tiling directly onto these boards.

MAPEI approved for tiling

Product Information

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Specialist board designed to support heavyweight tiles

Suitable for new build, extensions and renovation projects, Wunda Chipboard overfloor boards are quick and easy to install, using simple practices and basic tools whilst avoiding the need to remove existing floors or the moisture, weight and mess of concrete/screed. We would always recommend 'Gluing & screwing' the boards down, this will prevent any movement or noise when walked on. MAPEI & ULTRA TILE approved for tiling directly onto - NO intermediate layers or levelling screed required! MAPEI & ULTRA approved for tiling

Rapid Response® and maximum heat is only possible with 200 micron aluminium

Our EPS boards offer optimal heating performance
  • Ideal for heavyweight tiles such as Natural Stone & Marble
  • 17mm profile, for use with our 12mm Easyflex pipe
  • 14 Boards = 10.08m²
  • 21 Boards = 20.83m²
  • 35 Boards = 25.2m²
  • 56 Boards = 40.32m²
  • 70 Boards = 50.4m²
  • 84 Boards = 60.48m²
pa_panel-type1359, 1360
Material17mm Chipboard
Pipe Spacing150mm
SizeSuitable for 12mm pipe
Heat Emitter200 Micron (Main) / None (End)
Guaranteed forLIFETIME
Length1200mm (Main) / 400mm (End)
Weight9.0kg (Main) / 4.1kg (End)
Single/Half Pallet/Full PalletSingle, Half Pallet, Full Pallet

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